Any commercially available golf equipment is assumed to conform to the WRGA Rules, provided it is powered solely by the golfers swing. Examples of golf equipment that does not conform to the WRGA rules would be:

1) Clubs that utilized an energy source that when activated will improve the distance the ball travels.

2) Clubs that incorporate electronic devices to adjust the club’s position or motion in any way during the swinging of the club.


The WRGA is particularly interested in testing and reporting to its members the testing results for golf equipment that:

1) Enables golfers to have more fun.

2) Makes the game easier to learn.

3) Helps to speed up the pace of play.

If you have equipment you would like tested or if you would like to request the WRGA acquire and test specific equipment, please contact:

Golf equipment that is used in establishing a WRGA handicap must conform to the WRGA Rules and only golf equipment that does conform to the WRGA Rules may be labeled as “Conforms to the WRGA Rules” and/or may carry the seal below, indicating the equipment “Conforms to WRGA Rules”.