About the WRGA

The World Recreational Golf Association (WRGA) is a not-for-profit organization serving the needs of recreational golfers, golf courses and golf companies. The WRGA is working to grow recreational golf awareness and participation. It has developed and will maintain the WRGA Rules of Golf, and offers its members access to a free golf handicap system that is compatible with the WRGA Rules of Golf. The WRGA will work to establish respect and acceptance for WRGA Rules in charity tournaments and other recreational golf venues.

WRGA Mission

The WRGA exists to serve the needs of golfers and the recreational golf community. The WRGA will create a community, forum and voice for recreational golfers who embody the original spirit of the game, which was/is to enjoy it as a recreational activity. We will champion efforts that are in the best interests of those who engage in and benefit from recreational golf. The WRGA will endeavor to grow the game by making it faster, more fun, less expensive and less complicated for recreational golfers.

Who We Are

Recreational Golf’s advocate. We love the game and are dedicated to growing the game at all levels.

Who We Serve

Golfers who are interested in recreational golf, making it more fun and making it more inclusive.

What We Will Deliver

  • Publish and maintain the WRGA Rules of Golf, which are easy to learn and apply to the golf game played by more than 80% of all golfers.
  • The WRGA will support and initiate programs that help to grow the game and help create a more inviting atmosphere in recreational golf, assisting in making it easy for people to learn golf etiquette as they enter the game and help speed up the game (18 holes should be played at a 4 hour pace or less).
  • Provide golfers with information on equipment.
  • Promote and encourage golfers to try equipment that makes the game easier to learn and more fun to play, which will expand the size of the market for clubs and balls.
  • Through our Sponsors and Partners, we will provide golfers with the opportunity to get better pricing on rounds of golf, golf equipment, travel and other products & services that golfers might use in other facets of their life.
  • Provide a forum for recreational golf conversations; WRGA blog.
  • Free publication of charity golf events on the WRGA website (a section people can go to find charity events in their backyard).
  • Social media interaction with members.
  • Support opportunities for golfers to participate in fun golf competitions and community-based programs that benefit recreational golf.
  • The WRGA members will get the satisfaction of helping to support a broad range of WRGA initiatives to help grow the game of golf through community charity events.