World Recreational Golf Association

Making Golf More Fun!

The World Recreational Golf Association (WRGA) exists to help grow golf by serving the needs of recreational golfers, golf courses and golf equipment and apparel manufacturers. The WRGA is developing a community, forum and voice for recreational golfers who embody the original spirit of the game.

The World Recreational Golf Association is working to grow the game and make it more accessible, more affordable and more fun.

The WRGA has developed and will maintain the WRGA Rules of Golf.


If you are a golfer, we encourage you to join the WRGA now ( membership is free) so that you can show your support for recreational golf and realize the benefits of a membership. If you are an organization that would like to visibly express your support for the WRGA and its mission to help recreational golf, please contact us about becoming a “Friend” of the WRGA (it’s free to be a friend). If you are an organization that would like to display your support for the WRGA and advertise & provide exclusive deals to the WRGA members, please contact us about becoming a “Supporter” of the WRGA.

We look forward to serving recreational golfers and helping the sport grow once more. Please contact us with any comments or ideas you have for the WRGA:

Enjoy the game!




Some Golf Tips for having more Fun

1) Mulligans aren’t just for the tee box – use them in the fairway or in a hazard (have an extra ball ready to go as soon as you hit a bad shot so you don’t slow the pace of play).

2) Tee it up in the fairway. You’ll score lower, be less frustrated, play faster and have fun getting to the green in “regulation” more often.

3) You do not have to be a scratch golfer to have fun. Remember this fact – the average golfer shoots 106. Strive for a score of 105, and then you will be better than 50% of the golfers!

4) The “Etiquette of Golf” is an important part of enjoying the game and making sure others enjoy the game. If you are not familiar with golf etiquette, click on the “Rules/Etiquette” tab or watch a video on the topic on

5) Spread the word – Invite your best friend, spouse, boy friend/girl friend, child or parent to take up the game of golf. You will be giving them a gift that will enrich your life too.